HoodRapGang is a hip hop Quartet based in Johannesburg, South Africa and consisting of four members, WENGS (producer and vocalist), 90PLAINSTREETS (vocalist and producer), TEEKAY (Producer and vocalist) and SEEKAY (Actor and vocalist). The band was formed in early 2013 in Johannesburg,Tembisa when all four future members were in a township where the opportunities are slim and decided to work together as they all had one thing in common (music). A few years later, they released their first single titled (Fotto-[prod by Teekay]) followed by (Uber) and (Zimbabweans) From the projects they have been working on since they started. The first album titled (JuiceBox) was not released but rather used as a learning curve.

In 2018 they return with their hit single (Pablo) from their (BlackDot) album which is also due to be released 2018.

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