Party42nite is Africa’s most popular events guide , involved in aggressively marketing all events from night life, festivals, markets, exhibitions, artists and any social gathering we come across. We network everywhere we go and through our social media platforms which has resulted in our expansion to Kenya (@party42niteKenya), Zambia (@party42nitezambia), Zimbabwe (@party42nite_zw), Botswana, Lesotho, Swaziland and Namibia. We are hopeful that our reach will expand to the rest of the African continent and thereafter to the rest of the world, thus giving us an international platform to engage with the many types of events that exist.

We are a brand that strongly believes in networking and we encourage all upcoming photographers, brands, promoters, public figures, sponsors and artists to network with Party42nite and take our synergies to the next level.

With the exponential growth of our followers through social media, we strive to deliver content that influences and encourages our dedicated audience to stay connected, be positive, as well as inspire them to have an open and growing mindset. Our goal is to provide a platform that captures all the different lifestyles around the globe as well as present opportunities to businesses in all respective fields and industries to collaborate with us or sponsor any of the multitude of events we attend and host in a year.

As Party42nite,  we aim to spread our name EVERYWHERE we go thus creating a distinctive, unique and memorable brand association. In our team, we have selected a vibrant and energetic team of Brand Ambassadors and middle tier Social Media Influences who represent Party42nite at various events, gatherings and through their respective social media accounts by e.g. participating in Hashtags and trending topics.

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