Tim Hendricks (36), a South African Musical Artist who is an International African Award Nominated Singer/ Songwriter releases the brand new single off his forthcoming third album ‘Hopeless Wonder.’

The single ‘Mary Jane’s Last Dance’ is a Tom Petty cover and a homage to one of Tim’s major musical influences.

Tim’s newest soon-to-be released album ‘Hopeless Wonder’ is the first full length album by Tim Hendricks Project release due to be released November 2018.

The album was recorded with Tommy Dietrick in Joshua Tree studios (Yukka Valley) and the other half at Digital Forest Studios, Cape Town.

“When I were recording in Yukka Vally ( California), I decided to record 2 covers (Tom Petty and the Rolling Stones). Tommy and I kept referencing Tom Petty before he passed away. We wanted to capture the energy and sound of rock n roll again. Then I arrived back to Johannesburg and a few months later Tom Petty died and everything felt strange. It felt almost bizarre that I’d been inspired so much by his sound and his songs then he was gone. All those Rockstar deaths; Prince, Bowie, Chris Cornell, Scott Weiland. Those were my heroes. They were part of the reason I started a band. Not to get famous, not for the girls but for the music. So I got real with myself and decided to record the songs that started everything. Got the ball rolling.” says Tim.

The rest of the album features original material sung, written and composed by Tim Hendricks.

I would say that ‘Hopeless Wonder’ is my best work so far because of how real it is, nothing on there is forced. Everything happened naturally from how the songs developed to the studio we ended up working in” adds Tim.

‘Hopeless Wonder’, featuring Mary Jane’s Last Dance will be out In November 2018 on all digital platforms.


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